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Firehouse Alerting Systems (FAS) provides reliable, affordable visual and audible alerting solutions for your home or firehouse.  

For years, Fire Departments and Ambulance Corps have been alerted using bells and lights when the alarms goes off.   Firehouse Alerting Systems now provides reliable, affordable, plug-and-play aftermarket "Alerting Modules" that easily connect to your existing Motorola Pager charger or Swissphone Pager Charger in your home or at the firehouse. Set up your own alerting system in minutes.

Problems waking up for those night calls?? Can't hear the pager over the loud music or TV?? Did someone turn your pager down?? Firehouse Alerting Systems has the solution to your problems.

Check out our NEW "BED SHAKER".  It's great for those deep sleepers who don't hear the pager at night, or for those who don't want to wake everyone in the house when the pager goes off. Click on the products link for more details.

Our "Alerting Module" connects to any Motorola Minitor amplified pager charger or Swissphone pager charger that has the 6 pin circular (DIN) connector on the back.   Simply plug the "Alerting Module" into the back of your pager charger, and when the pager is alerted, a Fire Alarm Strobe Light, Fire Bell, or Bed Shaker will be activated for anywhere between 1 and 60 seconds (You adjust the duration). After the alerting module times out, it will automatically reset and be ready for the next alarm. No programming, major wiring or special tools are necessary. The Alerting Module runs off of low voltage and no electrical knowledge is necessary. Connecting this "Alerting Module" to your Motorola pager charger will not affect the operation of the charger.  You will still be alerted with the high pitched tone, you will still hear the dispatcher and your yellow light will still activate.  Open the box, position the strobe, bell or bed shaker, connect the wires and plug it in.......it's that easy.


The alerting module is housed in a small black box (smaller than the pager charger) and plugs into a regular house outlet (110V). Before purchasing our Alerting Module, mDINConnake sure your pager charger has the 6 pin DIN connector on the back.  See picture to the right.  

You may purchase additional strobes, bells, and wire online by clicking on the products link. All equipment is tested prior to shipping and comes with the Firehouse Alerting Systems Guarantee.  

** Custom Alerting Modules that will run multiple strobes or bells can be assembled upon request.  Contact us and let our technicians recommend a system that will best fit your needs.

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Click on our products page to view the packages available for immediate shipment or email us with any questions you may have.



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